Since 2018 London has been working in partnership with people living with HIV, clinicians, voluntary organisations, academics, the NHS, London Councils, Public Health England, the pharmaceutical industry, other UK and international Fast-Track Cities and the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority.

Some of the work we have collectively achieved so far includes:

  • Convened the Fast-Track Cities London Leadership Group
  • Engagement with a wide variety of organisations to bring people together to co-design the plans for London
  • Produced an asset and gap analysis of the HIV sector in London
  • Put forward a business case to NHS England (London) and secured £6 million funding for the next three years
  • Used the asset and gap analysis and feedback from engagement to develop the Fast-Track Cities London Roadmap to zero
  • Launched an improvement fund to jointly improve services in London – 12 Fast-Track Cities improvement community projects are now running across London
  • Facilitate the Fast-Track Cities HIV improvement community
  • Brought together HIV clinicians and pharmacists across London to work together during the COVID-19 response
  • Facilitated the HIV testing response for people who are homeless in hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic