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London is represented by a Leadership Group made up of representatives from these areas:

  • The four Fast-Track Cities signatories (the Mayor of London, UK Health Security Agency, NHS England and London Councils)
  • The London key opinion leader for International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC)
  • Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s) and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships
  • Clinicians with HIV expertise
  • GPs
  • Voluntary and community organisations with HIV expertise
  • People with lived experience of HIV
  • The London HIV Prevention Programme
  • Directors of Public Health
  • Transformation Partners in Health and Care as the health transformation support and programme management body


The London Leadership Group meets monthly and agrees a set of key messages and actions in line with the Roadmap to Zero, a collective action plan which shows the steps London’s Leadership Group will take to support the HIV sector to get to zero by 2030. 



Three subgroups report into the
London Leadership Group: