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Funding for HIV stigma community

We are opening up funding for a new HIV stigma community.

In our stigma plans we published in March 2020, we committed to work with others to end stigma in London by 2030.

One of the main areas is supporting people living with HIV to end self-stigma. This negative self-perception can deeply affect people’s wellbeing; physical, mental and emotional health.

Today we are launching funding for a community of practice. We are looking for six organisations with experience of tackling self-stigma, or those who work closely with communities most in need of this type of support.

This community of practice will share their learnings from previous programmes and identify the needs of key populations. They will gather best practice, case studies and data, about what works well when trying to tackle self-stigma.

An independent facilitator will run the community of practice and produce a training guidance or framework document, working with the group. Later in the year, we will put out a fund for organisations to deliver this self-stigma training.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

We are looking for organisations with experience of tackling self-stigma, or those who work closely with communities most in need of this type of support.

What should the application focus on?

Your application should detail any experience you have delivering similar work or training programmes, or work you have done with communities most in need of this support.

The Leadership Group wants to know how well the training was delivered and how much impact it had. Therefore, please provide details of any data from evaluating your work.

How long will the community of practice run for and what are the time commitments?

We expect each organisation will need to attend approximately six to eight 2-hour face-to-face or virtual workshop sessions. Each organisation will also need to provide additional support, feedback, data and evidence to complete the final guidance or framework document, in between workshop sessions.

Will you pay us for this work? What funding opportunities are coming up?

We are looking for six organisations to work together. We will pay each organisation £5,000 to cover time and expenses. This also covers knowledge and experience, sharing of materials, data and case studies.

Once the training guidance or framework is finalised, we will put out an opportunity for organisations to bid for funding to deliver self-stigma training based on the guidance.

You can bid for funding to deliver on the final framework, even if you have been part of the community of practice. It will not advantage or disadvantage you when you apply for funds.

What is the deadline for my application?

Applications must be in by 5pm on Monday 12 April 2021.

Who will assess the applications?

A panel representing the Fast-Track Cities London Stigma Subgroup will assess the bids. We will make sure the panel consists of members who are neutral and without any conflict of interest. We will include on the panel the voluntary sector, clinicians and people living with HIV. The Fast-Track Cities London team are working to put this panel together.

What happens if we are successful?

We will notify all successful applicants by Monday 19 April. We will share meeting invitations and additional information directly after.

How do I bid for funds?

If you are interested in applying for the fund then email hlp.londonftci@nhs.net.

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