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Working together to end HIV stigma in London

Following a pause of the Fast-Track Cities London stigma subgroup, we’ve now reconvened so we can review the plans we developed together with the HIV community and sector to end stigma in London.

Back in January and February we heard from over 100 people and agencies about what London should do to end the stigma around HIV.

You can read the plans we published in March online here.


What next?

The stigma group is currently reviewing these plans and making sure they are robust and appropriate for a post-COVID London.

We want to continue with the plans to tackle societal stigma, but first we need to gather data to give us an up to date view of how the general public think about HIV in 2020.

We have advertised a contract to undertake a survey of public attitudes and knowledge of HIV here.

We are also planning to work with the voluntary sector and the HIV community to tackle self-stigma.

The plans to tackle stigma in the NHS are currently on hold due to reduced capacity as the NHS recovers from COVID.
Get in touch if you would like to find out more hlp.londonftci@nhs.net.


Procurement: public knowledge and attitudes towards HIV

The Fast-Track Cities stigma subgroup has no current baseline data on the knowledge and attitudes of the public towards HIV in 2020.

Therefore, we want to commission an organisation to manage and run a national survey with input from the UK HIV sector. This data will be for the benefit of all.

Apply online by Monday 28 September at 2pm.



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