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This short statement has been translated for local printing (A4, 1 page):

If you are 16 years of age or older and need a blood test while in our Emergency Department (A&E), it will include an HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C test. If you do not wish to be tested, please speak to the staff.

ED blood testing: Arabic_French_German_Gujarati_Hindi_Farsi_Korean_Nepali

ED blood testing: Polish_Portugese_Romanian_Russian_Somali_Tamil_Ukranian_Urdu

ED Blood testing: Arabic_French_Hindi_Polish_Portuguese_Spanish

ED Blood testing: Arabic_Hindi_Polish_Punjabi_Somali_Urdu

Easy read version

The easy read version of the poster uses simplified drawings and large print to communicate the message

A4 Easy Read Poster – Blood testing in Emergency Departments