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New community of practice to tackle self-stigma in London

We have now launched the stigma community of practice.  This is looking at how to support people living with HIV to tackle self-stigma.

This community will share their knowledge and experience, and identify what people need. They will gather best practice, case studies and data about what works well, when trying to tackle self-stigma.

An independent facilitator is running the community of practice. They will work with the group to produce a framework for delivery of services to tackle the stigma people experience. Later this year, we will put out a fund for organisations to deliver against this framework for people living with HIV.

Thank you to everyone from:

Terrence Higgins Trust;

Change Grow Live;

Positive East;

Positively UK;

Africa Advocacy Foundation;

METRO Charity;

Beyond Stigma, and

4Mproject for coming together to work on this with us.

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