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Funding opportunity: HIV friendly city charter

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Bid to run the Fast-Track Cities London HIV friendly city charter

Fast-Track Cities London has launched a tender to find a partner from the HIV sector to run the London’s HIV friendly city charter.

Despite all the advances in clinical care, we know that for people living with HIV, life can be difficult because of stigma and discrimination. HIV stigma is often based on outdated ideas and made worse by discrimination in other areas like gender, sexuality or race. We know that in order to get us to zero new cases of HIV, zero preventable deaths and 100 per cent of people living well, we must fight stigma and discrimination.

Bid for the funding to become our HIV friendly city partner

We are looking for an HIV related organisation to run an educational charter that will tackle stigma and discrimination in society and frontline services in London, and to share this with other Fast-Track Cities in the UK and across the world.

Fast-Track Cities London wants public services to lead the way in visibly committing to being HIV-friendly and tackling stigma and discrimination in London.

The HIV friendly city charter will:

  1. Increase knowledge about HIV,
  2. improve attitudes towards people living with HIV,
  3. tackle stigma and discrimination within organisations and cities, and
  4. provide people living with HIV a way to report stigma and discrimination they experience in an organisation.

 Key objectives:

  • Work in partnership with the HIV voluntary sector, people living with HIV, the NHS, London Councils, public health organisations, the GLA and Fast-Track Cities in the UK to devise a sustainable charter.
  • Host and deliver a charter for organisations to apply for accredited HIV friendly status.
  • Develop the charter parts, with gold, silver and bronze levels, to include:
    • Training
    • HIV policy
    • Tools to report stigma
    • Survey to establish a baseline of knowledge and attitudes
  • Work with the Fast-Track Cities London team to market the HIV friendly city charter and London as a zero tolerance city or HIV friendly city.

Fast-Track Cities London is providing funding for 3 years to support the development of the HIV friendly city charter, find ways to embed the charter into organisations in the city, and create a self-funding model for the future.

For more information about running the charter programme please contact hlp.londonftci@nhs.net or submit clarification questions through the e-tendering portal.

Apply online at MultiQuote, searching reference CA11061. For more information and to access the e-tendering portal where tender documents are published please visit here.

Find out more about our work to tackle stigma in London here.


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