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Fast-Track Cities October 2020 update

Black History Month 2020

Fast-Track Cities London and One Voice Network want to mark Black History Month by documenting the stories, work and opinions of Black people living with HIV in London and the people and organisations supporting them.

  • Black people in London are disproportionately affected by poor sexual health
  • Of all heterosexual people diagnosed with HIV in 2018, 41% were Black African men and women
  • 52 per cent of Black Africans are diagnosed late with HIV, which means they have a ten-fold greater risk of dying within a year compared to those diagnosed promptly
  • People on medication with the HIV virus suppressed cannot pass on HIV. This is a relatively new concept among Black African and migrant communities due to stigma and discrimination, lack of information and appropriate resources, and long term inequalities.
  • Many Black people in London are living long and well and are passionate about educating Londoners about living with HIV in 2020

We are calling out to organisations working for and with Black people living with HIV to share their work, their stories and their thoughts on how London can work together to get to zero HIV in Black communities.

If you are a Black person living with HIV and want to share your story, thoughts and opinions or send us a video, please email maria.vidal-read@nhs.net.

Evolving HIV care in London

As the NHS plans its recovery, there will be review and reflection on what has worked and what hasn’t and the needs of people living with HIV.

Fast-Track Cities London is using this unique moment in time to look at evolving HIV services in London. This will give providers and commissioners a framework of what good looks like, for people living with HIV in the future.

Fast-Track Cities London is supporting the HIV Clinical Forum with this work. We are convening a community advisory group made up of people living with HIV, and a task and finish group of partners from across the statutory and NGO sector. All parties will be working on this jointly and aim to publish a framework in the winter.

If you would like to find out more please email hlp.londonftci@nhs.net.

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