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Celebrating London Pride 2024!

Fast Track Cities and partners celebrating London Pride

Fast Track Cities and partners celebrating London Pride 2023


As summer kicks off on 1 June, so do the annual Pride Month celebrations, recognising and embracing LGBTQI+ communities across the world. London is privileged to have one of the most diverse communities of any global city, including a thriving LGBTQI+ population.

This year, the Fast Track Cities London team is delighted to be joining up with our colleagues at Positively UK as part of a walking group within the London Pride Parade on 29 June. Along with partners from across the city, we’ll be marching in support of LGBTQI+ communities within London and beyond living with HIV. There are still some spots available to join the group in the parade – you can register for your space here.

2024 marks 52 years since the first UK Gay Pride rally took place in London back in 1972, which started with just 200 participants. Last year, over 1.5 million people took to the streets of London to celebrate – an indication of how far we’ve come over the years in terms of recognition, equality and acceptance.

However, many LGBTQI+ people still experience significant challenges and barriers to achieving equality. Whilst the LGBTQI+ community in London may not experience some of the more extreme challenges faced by many LGBTQI+ people in countries where they have no legal recognition or protection, discrimination, harassment and stigma are arguably still commonplace and can have a big impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

As a partnership of organisations, including the Mayor of London, London Councils, the NHS, the voluntary sector and people with lived experience, Fast Track Cities is committed to working collaboratively to improve the lives of people living with HIV. We want to end new cases of HIV and preventable deaths and tackle stigma to ensure that everyone with HIV is living well.

We’ll be joining the rest of London to celebrate Pride Month throughout June, so keep an eye on our socials – and share your own celebrations with us!

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