Welfare project

Supporting people living with HIV to access financial support

Led by Positively UK, a national organisation which aims to protect the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV by providing tailored peer support, promoting positive attitudes and equitable access to health for people living with HIV.

Financial problems can play a big part in influencing whether someone can effectively engage with their healthcare. By helping people deal with those financial issues and linking them up with the range of support available in the voluntary sector to help it can help get them back on track with their treatment and care to improve their overall wellbeing.

We work with people who are living with HIV and receiving treatment at 17 HIV clinics across London. We offer a mixture of welfare advice, 1:1 benefits support, workshops and upskilling, to increase financial resilience.

Depending on the individual’s situation, we can offer support from a dedicated welfare advisor, we signpost to local voluntary sector partners and have other Positively UK caseworkers who can help.

By helping people deal with their financial issues  and linking them up with other voluntary organisations’ support services,  we help get them back on track with their HIV treatment and  improve their overall wellbeing.

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