The Volt project

Working with people in homeless shelters to increase HIV testing and support

Led by Africa Advocacy Foundation, a community-led initiative that aims to equip diaspora communities and marginalised people with the tools they need to find better health, safety, prosperity and opportunity to lead fulfilling and happy lives, it involves Waldron Sexual Health Centre.

People experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable and isolated in our society, with the poorest health outcomes. Testing in homeless shelters is currently very low. By making it easy to get tested we can diagnose more people sooner, and help them get treatment so they don’t develop serious illnesses.

We work with people in homeless shelters to increase availability of HIV testing for people who are experiencing homelessness, including refugees, migrants and displaced individuals.

We are testing 150 people, plus teaching staff how to give the test and providing test kits so that they carry on testing more people.


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