Positive champions

Focusing on early diagnosis and testing in Black African communities

Led by NAM, a UK-based charity that produces independent, evidence-based and clearly written information to support the fight against HIV.

There are too many false facts and inaccuracies about HIV. We train people to share the truth about HIV, encourage testing and speak up, especially about why it’s so important for people from African communities to test for HIV.

This project also offers on-the-spottesting in a range of locations in south east London.

We know getting diagnosed early can make a huge difference to your health if you have HIV. By having people share their stories about living with HIV and the risk of HIV we encourage more people to get tested. And if they need it, we can help get them treatment so they can keep living a full and healthy life.

We set out to test at least 700 people per year, so far we’ve tested more than 2,400.

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