Mobile HIV testing clinic

A free, accessible and welcoming HIV testing clinic going directly to London’s migrant communities

Led by the GMI Partnership comprising of Metro, Positive East and Spectra. Collectively, we combine high quality HIV prevention and support services, with a pan London reach, delivered through a shared skillset and staff and volunteer base, which is firmly anchored in diverse communities.

HIV still carries stigma for many people. For new migrants and those with English as a second language, it can be even more challenging. We use the mobile testing van to take HIV testing, information and support to migrant and other marginalised communities, who may not have the confidence or knowledge to access sexual health services, making sexual health a part of day-to-day activities

We actively go out to talk to people about HIV and make sure they are tested. We’ve had thousands of conversations with people about HIV, prevention, risk reduction, safe sex and living with HIV, and helped people get care and return to care.


We make it easy to talk and ask questions about HIV, we provide information in other languages and do testing on the spot to take all the hassle out of getting tested. The sooner we make HIV an everyday topic the better it will be for reducing transmission and improving the lives of people living with HIV.

We’re changing attitudes to HIV while helping people get the treatment they need and prevent transmission.

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