Growing older, wiser and stronger

Supporting women aged 40 and over who are living with HIV

A collaboration between Sophia Forum, Positively UK, NAM and UCL to develop a holistic programme supporting women over 40 living with HIV with their health wellbeing and social care needs.

Over a quarter of people living with HIV in the UK are women over 50. It’s very important  that we understand and voice their needs so that the right services are available and they can live long, healthy lives. We are proud to be providing peer-led support, accurate information, networks and spaces to help improve outcomes for all women growing older with HIV.

We raise awareness of the impact of aging among women with HIV, providing information and support, acting as a signpost to relevant services. Develop a women and aging support programme with peer-mentor training and development.

Informed by research and led by women with lived experience of HIV, GROWS is the first programme of its kind providing peer support specifically for women ageing with HIV.

Our users say…

I can’t thank you enough for the vast knowledge that you have given me – l feel confident enough to talk about the subject. You were so loaded and prepared to train us. I would like to congratulate you too for delivering a successful training. Knowledge is power, I hope other women like me will benefit from the training you are going to deliver in future.


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