Change, grow, live

Supporting people who are struggling with drug and alcohol use and living with HIV

Lead by Change Grow Live, the biggest drug and alcohol charity in the UK, it also involves Lewisham and Greenwich HIV Services (Alexis and Trafalgar clinics), King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas (Harrison Wing), Bart’s NHS Trust; Mortimer Market, Royal Free and other HIV Clinics across London boroughs.

There can be many battles to face when overcoming problems associated with drug and alcohol use. We make sure HIV is a top priority, for example by highlighting the importance of testing and ensuring the right support is available to help you stay well.

We support people and give advice that will help them to engage with and stay on treatment so they can live well with HIV. We also work with HIV clinics, and support services such as mental health, to develop clinicians understanding and skills in treating people who have health issues associated with drug and alcohol use.

Many of our team are people who have experienced difficulty with drugs and alcohol. They help inspire confidence in people who use HIV and drug and alcohol services that the right support is available to help them change their lives, get treated and live well.

We set out to work with at least 60 people who are living with HIV and have drug and alcohol problems. So far we’ve worked with over 100 people and today we’re actively supporting more than 70 people.

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