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Consultant Connect

Connecting GPs directly with a HIV consultant during a patient’s appointment.

The Fast-Track Cities London Leadership Group is funding a six month pilot that will connect GPs directly to a HIV consultant while the patient is with them in a primary care consultation. We are doing this by expanding the Consultant Connect service, currently in south east London and parts of north London, across the whole of London. HIV is the first long term condition being trialed across the whole of London in this way.

The project will provide all GPs in London, rapid access to HIV telephone advice and guidance via Consultant Connect www.consultantconnect.org.uk.

Consultant Connect provides GPs with an app, which gives a direct line to call a group of HIV consultants who have agreed to be part of the scheme. All HIV telephone advice and guidance calls will be answered by these local, London-based consultants, and all calls will be connected to the first available consultant.

If you have any questions please contact David Groom, Fast-Track Cities London at david.groom1@nhs.net or Nick Smith, Consultant Connect at nick.smith@consultantconnect.org.uk.


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